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Katherine Qiyu Su (苏祺钰)
(b.1999, Beijing)


Born in Beijing, China, 1999

Lives and works in London. 


The challenge of representing and tracing Intangible memories is central to Qiyu Su's artistic inquiry. The artist explores the shadowy borderland between truth and memory. Authorship and identity within paintings. 

The enigmatic quality consistently persisted in her practice, resembling an intricate puzzle that demands interpretation. Within erasing traces of specific elements, bodies, and movements became deconstructed, directed by emotions, and formed new motifs, transforming between figuration and abstraction. 

In Su's work, instantaneous is constantly emphasized. Things took place in the center of unknown time and space without precondition. It's a spotlight stage for emotion. Subject flows and looms, such a central but marginalized existence. Like written plays only stay on the rehearsal stage.

Studio Shot NEW.jpg


2023    MA Painting, Royal College of Art, London

2021    BA Interior Design, North China University of Technology, Beijing

Solo Exhibitions


  • Half Gallery‘How Far is the Foreign Lands’, New York, NY 

  • Edge Art Space Gallery, 'Summer Phantoms of Desire’,  Turino, Italy


Group Exhibitions


  • L.U.P.O. Gallery, 'Summer Fling', Milan, Italy

  • Wilder Gallery, ‘Waves Wash Over’, London, UK

  • Ojiri Gallery, 'Tear Rubber', London, UK

  • Studio West Gallery, 'MEGA Art Fair, Milano, Italy 

  • Alessandro Albanese Gallery, 'Of Freedom of Pleasure', Milano, Italy 

  • D Contemporary Gallery,'The Butterfly Effect, Vol II' , London, UK 



  • Studio West Gallery, 'Now Introducing', London, UK

  • ​Plain Gallery, 'Awareness' , Milano, Italy

  • ST.Art Gallery, 'Momentary Bond', London, UK

  • ​Thom OosterhofProject, 'I Paint Outside the Lines', London, UK

  • Royal College of Art, Degree Show, London, UK 


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