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Katherine Qiyu Su (b.1999, Beijing)


Katherine Qiyu Su was born in Beijing, China in 1999, lives and works in London. 


My paintings are letters without recipients.


In them, instantaneous is constantly emphasized. Things took place in the center of unknown time and space without precondition. It's a spotlight stage for emotion. Subject flows and looms, such a central but marginalized existence. Like written plays only stay on the rehearsal stage.


Through paintings, I seek possibility out of impossible situations. Bodies and movements became deconstructed, directed by particular emotions, and formed new motifs. Performancing on the linen through transformation between figuration and abstraction.


The theme revolves around relationships and addresses intimacy, vulnerability, dependency, and reflection. The characteristics of the media are destined to make them unable to merge, smoothing the fake harmony, the motive force is still growing inside the painting. Melted from the same brush mark but were bound to be separate. Representing the continuous closeness of the relationship between people comes into conflict with the sober, but constantly shaken self. The struggle game takes place between rationality and sensibility.


Revealing the charcoal underneath the paint is like peeling the skin of the painting. With the skeleton, Figures bounding and then separated, hide underneath the mixture of liquid fluidity. They represent intertwined memories. Once with found clue, the forms then begin to appear. But within a blink of an eye, the shimmer of the light reflected on the paint shook. Again, they broke into separate shapes, and all narratives melted into organic patterns.

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